The exponential growth in interest related to ESG disclosures and investing has forced many companies and regulators to rely on technology to keep abreast with the evolving ESG landscape and respond quickly to its challenges.

Suppose you are one of the companies that need to conduct ESG research efficiently, gather important data, and execute analyses to drive business and social strategies alongside growth… at scale.

Do you have the tools to ensure efficient, reviewable data collection with traceback to the source document?

Meet idaciti ESG Accelerator.

ESG Accelerator Brings Speed and Agility to ML Workflow

idaciti ESG Accelerator is a collection of applications designed to streamline ESG data collection and information delivery.

The XBRL-first approach and ML-assisted technology automate unstructured data collection from both regulatory filings and/or a proprietary repository of PDFs and other documents.

Advantages of the idaciti ESG Accelerator:

  • Customized, automated data collection in real-time.
  • Access to filings submitted to regulators minutes after they are published.
  • Your proprietary document repository conversion into interactive data.
  • Exact location traceback to the source documents for every data point.
  • Clean, structure, and deliver data designed to meet your specifications.
  • Designed for both researchers/analysts and in-house data scientists.

Our Applications, Your Workflow

The scalable cloud-based solution is fully managed and designed to be white-labeled and integrated with your existing applications and workflow.

With the ESG Accelerator, you can start realizing ROI in weeks, not month or years!