Searching for the best FP&A events happening this year? You’ve come to the right place, this blog post lists some of the best FP&A events happening in 2019.

The events featured in this guide are specifically for financial professionals interested in networking with peers, learning about the latest trends in their industry, and understanding how other top companies handle financial analysis and reporting challenges.

FINnext, Las Vegas, NV, 3/17/2019   to 3/19/2019  

FinNext 2019 is an intensive learning and sharing event customized exclusively for FP&A professionals. Learn from experts in your industry and connect with your professional peers in the FP&A community, who are just as passionate about finance as you are.

Financial Forecasting & Transformation Summit, San Francisco, CA, 3/25/2019 to 3/26/2019

This summit offers a unique blend of pertinent and timely forecasting and fp&a topics and discussions focused on helping the attendee achieve next generation finance.

AICPA CFO Conference, Chicago, IL, 4/24/2019 to 4/26/2019

The AICPA 2019 CFO Conference is a unique program that will help you and your organization define a clear path to success. Seasoned CFOs from across the country provide the latest updates, innovations and anticipated trends to keep you on the cutting edge of the financial industry.

FP&A Innovation Summit, San Diego, CA, 4/29/2019 to 4/30/2019

The FP&A Innovation Summit is a hub for finance leaders and experts to get   together and discuss the challenges of adopting machine learning, AI, and   data science to gain forecasting accuracy and how to bring your finance   function to the table as a strategic partner.  

NASBA Accredited: Earn up to 14 CPE Course Credits.  

FINRA Annual Conference, Washington, DC. 5/15/2019 to 5/17/2019

FINRA's premier event—the Annual Conference provides the opportunity for practitioners, peers and regulators to exchange ideas on today's most timely compliance and regulatory topics. The conference offers industry professionals a variety of sessions related to current trends in technology, cybersecurity, risk management and much more.

Financial Leadership Summit, Lake Buena Vista, FL, 5/19/2019 to 5/21/2019

Financial Executives International’s 2019 Financial Leadership Summit promises to be a power packed program, full of high-impact keynote sessions and interactive discussions designed for financial leaders. 2019’s theme, Inspire Your Tomorrow, focuses on the critical role you have in leading the change to drive your business strategy, empower your workforce and foster a culture to shape your organizational success. Join more than 500 of your peers for learning, collaborating and building ideas for the future.

AICPA Engage, Las Vagas, NV, 6/9/2019 to 6/13/2019

AICPA ENGAGE is the way forward. Fresh ideas to strengthen your core practice. Candid conversations about the disruption you’re experiencing now and how to prepare for even more. Technical number-crunching sessions, because sometimes, there’s no better way to solve a problem. Can’t attend in person? No problem, you can attend online.

Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference, Washington, DC. 6/10/2019 to 6/11/2019

Winners accelerate during economic turns. How do they do this? One thing is clear, it is not by cutting their way to growth. Instead, winners spur innovation, or change, in strategy and risk taking. To start winning in the turns today, you must ask yourself these three big questions that we'll address at this year's conference:

·        Have you increased the discipline with which you allocate resources?

·        Have you tested your team’s current preparedness to make decisions and act confidently as opportunities or risks quickly materialize?

·        Have you re-examined key leadership messages and talent positioning to ensure that organizational climate and resourcing support your teams in 2019?

Tackle these questions head on with your peers, Gartner experts and technology providers at the most important gathering of CFOs and their teams.

Connected Planning Xperience, San Francisco, CA, 6/10/2019 to 6/12/2019

An advanced level summit with live   instruction for financial executives. Discussions will include real-world   case studies and cutting edge topics.      

Connect with 2500+ peers and Xplore best practices to:  Measure,   monitor & adjust, drilling into root causes and potential scenarios — in real time. Align   corporate goals, operational tactics and financial plans- across the entire   organization. Leverage predictive analytics and human judgement­— for making better decisions quickly.

Technology for Finance Leaders Conference, Minneapolis, MN, 6/17/2019 to 6/18/2019

Does technology in your company support strategic and business goals? Technology solutions should work for companies of all sizes – but how you scale and focus your digital transformation will define the results. The ultimate goal is having your company’s finance team transformed – poised to deliver strategic leadership fusing emergent technologies with process redesign and people skills. Explore advancing enterprise technologies and solutions that can help you mitigate threats.

FPA Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN, 10/16/2019 to 10/18/2019

The FPA Annual Conference is one of the largest   financial planning conferences held each year, attracting CFP® professionals   and financial planning thought leaders from across the globe. The gathering   is built around the sharing of practical strategies, tactics and knowledge,   all designed to help you take immediate action when you return to the office.  

FP&A Innovation Summit, New York, NY, 11/19/2019 to 11/20/2019

An advanced level summit with live instruction for financial executives. Discussions will include real-world case studies and cutting edge topics.

CFO Live, New York, NY, 11/19/2019 to 11/20/2019

CFO magazine, the world's leading finance publication for finance executives. and Innovation Enterprise are proud to announce a new event designed for the needs of strategic Chief Financial Officers and up-and-coming finance leaders.

CFOs are expected to make critical decisions on business performance and transformative projects. This new festival is a must attend for those looking to master these responsibilities, and deliver prosperity in today's challenging economic climate.