Data alone can’t generate meaningful insights. It’s up to us to ask questions, form hypotheses, connect the dots, and then make decisions. The human element plays a critical role in decision making, and only people can decide which intelligence to draw on and how to interpret the results.

Have a Human Approach to Making Data-Informed Decisions

We have designed idaciti to model the workflow of how people work. The platform streamlines research and analysis tasks so teams can collaborate whether they sit next to each other in the same office or miles away from each other.

Modern technology has the ability to enable efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, technology facilitates human interaction.  Intuitive applications can make even the most repetitive tasks less tedious. We love the idea that a team can collaborate on the complex research projects by creating a series of "research cards" to exchange ideas, share comments and insights, and communicate the research results effortlessly.

An idaciti "CARD" is a Live Query Running 24/7 for You

We have designed our collaborative platform around the concept of "cards".

Think of a card as a live query that monitors filings based on your research and analysis criteria for you.

Once you set up a card, our platform executes the rest of the heavy-lifting tasks on your behalf, 24/7!

Research cards monitor filings for any user-defined scope: companies, filing periods, key concepts and topics (e.g., COVID's impact on credit losses, diversity and inclusion, the impact of CECL, REG-SK), and disclosures (e.g., Earnings Releases, MD&A, SEC Comment Letters, Proxy Statements, Footnotes, and others).

Collaboration Makes Complex Research Projects Easier

Research can be enriched by collaboration between individual team members with different but complementary perspectives. The idaciti platform encourages individuals to "bookmark" selected disclosures and "comment" on search results to engage in discussions with other team members. These bookmarks and comments are stored within the card, so the context is never lost.

No more taking screenshots and getting lost in discussions in an email thread.

Share Research Cards with Everyone

With idaciti, our users can work independently or gain efficiencies across the entire organization by sharing custom research cards. With a card in place, an idaciti user has the option to keep the card private or share it with his/her trusted circle, or even all users on idaciti.

What if you want to share a card with your board members or investors who are not on idaciti? No problem. Sharing is easy; a simple web link is all that's needed. When users share the research cards, even those who aren't on idaciti have access to view and interact with the data.

When one person uses idaciti, the whole team benefits.

Data alone is never going to tell you the full story. Being data-informed means both human intuition and data are equal parts of a larger context. Using a social-minded platform like idaciti, we can benefit from the massive volume of financial data (which is a goldmine of knowledge, just waiting to be expertly mined) and the team's collective intelligence.